In a multichannel communication context, multidisciplinarity is an increasing value, that’s why I combine art direction, graphic design and filmmaking. In other words, an aesthetic strategy, a high sensitivity to the power of the image and the willingness to tell stories.

Marc Aliart, 1990. Project Manager at Eumo, Co-director of the Master's Degree in Design and Audiovisual Creativity and teacher in the Master's Degree in Design and Art Direction at Elisava.


Strategy: Long, mid or short term. All brands require a planning that articulates and amplifies its communication in front of an atomized public.

Art Direction: An aesthetic strategy is necessary to differ and to unify the wide visual and narrative universe of multichannel brands.

Filmmaking: Filmmaking is the willing to tell stories through sight, sound and motion. An opportunity to capturate the attention of users.

Graphic Design: Color, composition, hierarchy, etc. The power of the image lies in its ability to seduce looks, provoke reflection or generate action.


In more than 5 years of agency experience I have had the privilege to work with:

/ Affinity
/ Ajuntament de Vic
/ Ateneu de Vic
/ Elisava
/ Ferrer
/ Ferrocarrils de Catalunya
/ Fundació Albert Bosch
/ Generalitat de Catalunya
/ Girbau
/ Noel Alimentària
/ Universitat de Vic
/ Watx and Co.